Chief Minister’s Promise To Citizens “Enforceable”, Says Delhi High Court

Chief Minister's Promise To Citizens "Enforceable", Says Delhi High CourtRepresentational Picture

Delhi High Court ruled out the promise by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal marking it as valid to enforceable and directed the AAP Government to work upon the promise that if a poor tenant was unable to pay rent due to the COVID-19 crisis, the state would pay it.

The High Court has informed the Delhi government that it must make a decision within six weeks. According to the PTI news agency, the court stated that the best interests of the beneficiaries must be taken into account and then clear policies must be formulated in this area.

A judge of Judge Prathiba M Singh mentioned Kejriwal’s press conference on March 29 last year that he had asked landlords not to harass their poor tenants and promised that the AAP government would compensate without payment.

“I appeal to all landlords not force tenants to pay rent for two or three months. Please postpone it for a few months. When the situation becomes normal, if anyone is unable to pay, the government will pay for them,” Kejriwal said during his virtual address.

The High Court noted that once the Chief Minister makes a solemn guarantee, the Delhi government has a responsibility to take a position on whether or not to implement the promise. The court stated that it is unclear why the government decided to completely ignore the promise made by its CM and not implement it.

The court stated that the promise/guarantee/statement given by CM is obviously equivalent to an enforceable promise, and the government must consider its implementation. He said that good governance requires that the governor will not violate the citizen’s commitment to the city without a valid reason.

Source: CNBC TV18

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