Countries dependent on Chinese Covid-19 vaccines reporting a surge in cases

Delhi and many other States report vaccine shortage(file photo)

Chinese Covid-19 vaccinesIn recent months, the Seychelles, Mongolia, Chile, and Bahrain have used China’s vaccination diplomacy to promote their inoculation drives and get back to normal in the wake of the pandemic.

There has been at least one dose administered to a significant portion of the population in each of the four countries, ranging from 58.7% in Magnolia to nearly 72% in Seychelles.

Yet, all four countries are witnessing a fresh surge in Covid-19 infections, that scientists claim shouldn’t be happening. 

It has been suggested that the vaccines themselves may be part of the reason. In recent months, China provided millions of doses to countries around the world, however, they may not have been very effective in containing the Coronavirus disease, particularly when faced with the new virus variants that have caused outbreaks in various regions.

Source: Hindustan Times 

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