Fought for People is my Crime: CM Kejriwal on ” Delhi’s exaggerated Oxygen Need” claim

CM Kejriwal defended himself by saying he worked for the breathe of 2 crores citizens, this is his sinRepresentational Picture

The Supreme Court’s interim report on medical oxygen triggered a war of words between the BJP and the AAP. The ruling party of the center brought a charge of “criminal negligence ” against CM Kejriwal, who defended himself saying that he “fought for the breath of two crore people” of Delhi.

“My crime is that I fought for the right of two crores Delhiites to breathe. When you were addressing election rallies, I spent sleepless nights trying to arrange oxygen for people. I fought, I pleaded. People lost their loved ones due to a shortage of oxygen. Don’t call them liars, they are feeling bad,” the CM Kejriwal tweeted.

“Due to this lie of CM Kejriwal, oxygen supply was affected in 12 states,” Patra said.

In a webcast, Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia stated that members of the Supreme Court’s Oxygen Audit Committee “have not signed or approved” the interim report. He also lashed out at BJP, saying that a document drafted at “his party headquarters” was circulating.

Congress party has also joined the queue. Anil Chaudhary, head of its Delhi department, tweeted that proper arrangements could have prevented tragedies like the Jaipur Gold Hospital from happening.

“One purported report is being quoted as having said that Delhi’s oxygen demand was inflated. There is no such report. The report being shared by the BJP does not exist at all. The BJP is lying. The members of the panel we spoke to are saying they have not signed or approved any report. The matter is sub-judice and one should not play politics over issues that are in the court,” Sisodia said.

Oxygen management was the Centre’s responsibility, he said. “They are not actually abusing CM Kejriwal. Their claims target those who lost their loved ones due to lack of medical oxygen. Were the patients, their kin, and doctors lying? What about those who have moved the court over such deaths?”

Source: The Tribune

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