India abstains from voting on the UN’s Myanmar resolution

India abstains from voting on the UN’s Myanmar resolutionSource: ANI

India refused to vote on a United Nations General Assembly resolution on Myanmar reasoning that their views had not been represented in the draft resolution and a “consultative and constructive” approach involving Myanmar’s neighbouring countries should be adopted if the committee wants the matter to be settled peacefully. The resolution by the UN reflected widespread global opposition to the Myanmar military and called for the country’s democratic nature to the restored. 

The UN’s resolution called upon the Myanmar armed forces to respect the people’s will as freely expressed by the results of the general election of November 8, 2020, to end the state of emergency, to respect all human rights of people of Myanmar, and to allow the sustained democratic transition of Myanmar, including the opening of the democratically elected parliament, and by working towards bringing all national institutions, including the armed forces, under a fully inclusive civilian government that is representative of the people’s will.

The resolution was adopted with 119 being convinced and voting ‘yes’, while Belarus voted ‘no’, and a total of 35 countries abstained from voting, which included India, China and Russia.

While explaining its stance, the permanent Indian ambassador to the United Nations, TS Tirumurti said, “This resolution was tabled in the UN General Assembly in a hasty manner without adequate consultations with neighbours and regional countries. This is not only unhelpful but may also prove counter-productive to the efforts of the ASEAN to find a solution to the current situation in Myanmar.”

As per the statements made by Tirumurti, India is welcoming the ASEAN initiative on Myanmar since it is an immediate neighbour to the country and has higher stakes in the situation. He emphasized his support towards facilitating stability in the country through ASEAN’s peaceful and diplomatic approach towards the situation.

Source: Hindustan Times 

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