Kerala easing Covid curbs for Eid, a sorry state of affairs: SC

Kerala easing Covid curbs for Eid a sorry state of affairs: SCSource: TOI

Supreme Court on Tuesday 20th of July, passed a strict decision against the Pinarayi Vijayan Administration, Kerala for their failure in executing covid-19 norms during Eid festival shopping. Knowing the fact that “God’s Own Country” has plenty of positive cases in the state.

The bench led by Justice RF Nariman and BR Gavai used terms like “alarming state of affairs” and “sorry state of affairs” on the decision for easing Covid-19 norms by the coalition-led government in the state for Eid.

“What is extremely alarming is the fact that in Category D, where infections are the highest i.e. 15%, a full day of relaxation has been granted, which was yesterday (July 19). It is then stated that, as far as possible, the persons visiting shops and other establishments may belong to those with at least one dose of vaccine/Covid recovered category and follow strict Covid protocols, along with the CM’s appeal, the bench said.

“The aforesaid facts disclose an alarming state of affairs. To give in to pressure groups so that the citizenry of India is laid bare to a nationwide pandemic discloses a sorry state of affairs. Even otherwise, homilies such as ‘as far as possible and assurances from traders without anything more, do not inspire any confidence in the people of India or this court,” it said.

Source: TOI

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