Olympics Vice-President Faces Backlash Over “Mansplaining, Bullying

Tokyo Olympics Linked Covid Cases Go Past 100, Organisers Announce 19 New CasesSource: TheHindu

The Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, John Coates, caused strong opposition in Australia for “bullying” a female politician to participate in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Some people called him a “mansplaining dinosaur.” Coates is also the chairman of the Australian Olympic Committee. After her state capital Brisbane was appointed as the host city of 2032 on Wednesday night, she publicly condemned the plans of the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (Annastacia Palaszczuk) Do not participate in this event.

“You are going to the opening ceremony,” he said, crossing his arms and sitting back in his chair.

“I’m still the deputy chair of the candidature leadership group and so far as I understand, there will be an opening and closing ceremony in 2032 and all of you are going to get along there and understand the traditional parts of that, what’s involved in an opening ceremony,” he said.

Source: NDTV

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