‘Jesus Christ, a perfect embodiment of compassion’: PM Modi says on Good Friday

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took to Twitter to share his message on Good Friday, saying the day “reminds us about the struggles and sacrifices of Jesus Christ.”

“Good Friday reminds us about the struggles and sacrifices of Jesus Christ. A perfect embodiment of compassion, He was devoted to serving the needy and healing the sick,” PM Modi wrote as Christians all over the world commemorated the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday.

Among other leaders, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also shared his message on the day. “Let this Good Friday be a reminder of the power of compassion, love and empathy,” Gandhi tweeted.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that this is a day to remember Jesus Christ’s message of love and forgiveness. “This Good Friday, I join you all in remembering Jesus Christ’s message of love & forgiveness. May his grace be with you,” chief minister Kejriwal said.

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