Scientists write to President asking to withdraw Lakshadweep Draft Laws

Many scientists write to President to recall Lakshadweep Draft LawsSource: Anuj Chauhan

A group of around 60 scientists and researchers has written to President Ram Nath Kovind to withdraw the Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation (LDAR) 2021. The draft laws aim to develop the island as a major tourist destination.

The letter sent to the President is a request to conduct “a serious re-evaluation” of the kind of development that the laws plan to undertake in the region and underlines that Lakshadweep is already facing some of the most severe impacts of climate change. The passing of the bill will only make the situation worse.

A total of 60 scientists signed the appeal, including herpetologist Romulus Whitaker, ecologist Katik Shanker, wildlife biologist Bivash Pandav, marine scientist Divya Panicker, and ecologist Harini Nagendra.

The regulations have triggered not just residents of Lakshadweep but people all over the country, many of whom have been constantly resenting and protesting the new rules and proposals. Some of the provisions of the Draft laws threaten to dislocate the resident islanders from their properties in the name of planning and development. 

Source: Hindustan Times


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