Tokyo Olympics Linked Covid Cases Go Past 100, Organisers Announce 19 New Cases

Tokyo Olympics Linked Covid Cases Go Past 100, Organisers Announce 19 New CasesSource: TheHindu

Tokyo Olympic Games-related COVID19 cases broke the 100 marks on Friday and 19 new infections were announced. After the fourth road rider, Michal Schlegel tested positive for the virus, the Czech team appears to be one of the worst-hit teams.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics announced in their daily COVID19 update that three athletes, 10 Olympic-related staff, three media professionals, and many contractors related to the event have tested positive.

The total number of cases directly related to the Olympics on Friday was 106, of which 11 were athletes.
The Czech task force reported their sixth overall case, even when investigating non-compliance with health and safety protocols during their trip to Japan.

“The fourth athlete and the sixth Czech member of the team, who did not avoid a positive test for COVID-19 at the Tokyo Olympics, is road cyclist Michal Schlegel,” the country’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) informed.”His positive antigen test was also confirmed by PCR analysis in a cycling village in Izu. Now Schlegel is back in the hotel for road cyclists in isolation,” it added.

Earlier, two South African football players and an American beach volleyball player also tested positive here. Some athletes were forced to withdraw even before arriving in the city, which is a positive result of tests conducted in their country of origin.

Source: Business Standards

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