Windows 11 launch next week: Microsoft may announce new UI, start Menu, features

Windows 11 launch 24 June

Microsoft is all set to launch its next-generation operating system on June 24, Windows 11. Windows 11 had been in the spotlight for quite a long time not because of its launch but, due to leaked screenshots unlocking few features that emerged on China’s Baidu website and soon after that, the Windows 11 ISO was dumped online.

Expected features and leaks of Windows 11

  • The Windows logo is getting an overhaul on the impending adaptation of OS. Another blue square logo replaces the trapezoidal logo we’ve seen for as far back as six years. It fairly seems to be like the blue Microsoft logo. Also, you can see adjusted corners all around rather than sharp ones.
  • The Start menu, alongside other application icons, has been focused. It has likewise got a new look, and the applications are spread out in a particular way, making it look less jumbled. The search option is set right close to the start menu and fortunately doesn’t occupy a ton of room as it used to.
Windows 11 New Features
Source: India Today
  • Taking everything into account, there are no enormous changes separated from the updated symbols. Indeed, even the settings menu stays unaltered. All things considered, it couldn’t be said whether this is the last look subsequently, Microsoft could refresh it prior to opening up to the world.
  • Other than this, Windows 11 brings a lot of new wallpapers, including a dark one. The OS incorporates new setup experience that is to some degree like the Windows 10X. Adding to this experience is another Windows startup sound.
  • Snap controls is another new feature that can be accessed via the maximize button on all apps. These are quite similar to the cascade windows option that has existed for a long time. This feature lets you snap windows side by side, in a collage format and more.
  • While the Windows Store in the leaked version remains altered, we may see an all-new App store for Windows, reports suggest. Microsoft is updating its app store to allow developers to submit any Windows application, including browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Furthermore, Microsoft is supposed to open third-party commerce platforms in apps, allowing developers to avoid the cut Microsoft usually takes from in-app purchase systems.

Source: India Today, BeeBom

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