Young Journalism

Abhyudaya Communications is a youth led communications and media consultancy that seeks to propel consumer centric and consumer specific dissemination of information and communication through the use of innovative and nascent media tools and platforms.

We intend and attempt to change or reinforce a set of behaviours in a target audience regarding specific problems in a predefined period of time.

Our areas of Work intend to:

  • To change the norms of the community
  • To facilitate education for audience about public health and to create awareness in public opinion
  • To extend a structure based on problem-solving and advance development in the educational sector through acute participation of each individual by building a self-reliant community.
  • To establish Clarity of thought with simple and understandable language.
  • Development of IEC STRATEGY Planning strategy Implementing strategy Monitoring and evaluation of strategy.

Young Journalism:

To reiterate the true meaning of Ethical Journalism in India, Young Journalism focuses on student participation in the dissemination of news without any biases or political/business inclinations. Amateur journalists in India are underrated and not utilized to their full potential, therefore, Young Journalism aims at establishment of a Digital Platform for such enthusiasts to put forth their views on the ongoing issues of the nation without any gatekeeping by the established news agencies.

Every Citizen is a Journalist

If you’re interested in Journalism but lack professional training, we offer you a platform to voice your opinions and polish your skills.

Experience the opportunity to learn some hands-on activities, like writing an article, recording news stories and honing your editorial skills to build your own news programmes.